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Confidence in every trade!

What does our algorithmic

fund offer?

Our open architecture environment will provide you with real-time market notifications; Absolutely for free. That will give you the opportunity to trade a wide range of crypto assets while taking advantage of our advanced AI.

We also understand that time is money, so for those who value their time, we also offer the service of taking complete responsibility for your portfolio.

By participating in our Algorithmic Fund you get:

  • The positive profitability that you regulate yourself

  • Neutralisation of market risks, because our AI is impartial and all successful transactions are exclusively mathematical calculations.

  • Work with cryptocurrency, which allows us to maintain the complete anonymity of our customers and avoid unnecessary tax burdens.


Regression training

Where human capabilities end, the capabilities of artificial intelligence begin. Faster, more powerful, more productive. Traditional trading is a thing of the past; automated trading based on artificial intelligence has come to replace it.

Creating a trading AI based on neural networks requires a huge amount of time and effort. Hundreds of network options are exercised. A task that would drain a person’s energy completely is no challenge for a computer. Producing a stable, desired result where a person would fail.


Experience creating an excellent result!

Our multi-level neural network analyzes the market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not feeling slow or tired and always acting without doubt. It makes non-standard decisions leading to an increase in assets. It contains more than 1000 different trading strategies, both fundamental and those that work on subtle technical fluctuations in the trading background! And this is only a small part of the capabilities of our network. Of course, behind the scenes are people; people who are experts in handling large arrays of information, complex mathematical calculations and programming. And now not a cent, not a single satoshi will be left without the attention of the network. By its nature, artificial intelligence automatically learns, becoming smarter, adapting to any market conditions. Thus, we can achieve up to 95% effectiveness on all trades.

The Vitrade platform also sticks to this principle and offers its partners some of the best conditions on the market. By promoting our platform you get stable affiliate income, round-the-clock technical support and the highest quality promotional materials.

95% Successful Trades will allow us to provide high-frequency trading signals openly and absolutely free!

8 key operating principles of our AI

  • 1

    Initial screening of coins from the exchange to which it is connected.

  • 2

    Download the primary decision-making model.

  • 3

    More than 200 base instances of the model are created so that they can deliberate

  • 4

    The Meat grinder - The instances created in the previous step begin to generate "opinions"

  • 5

    Wall to wall - After the last step, there are two camps: Those that are for buy and those that are for sell. They map one-on-one and collide. The one that has less evidence and is unloaded from memory. As a result, only one group remains.

  • 6

    This provides us a percentage, which gives us the percentage of probability of this decision.

  • 7

    Calibration step.

  • 8

    The final step. The decision matrix takes into account the first stage of selection, the calibration step, additional selection parameters and makes a decision.

Investment Packages

We offer you the versatility and choice of services in accordance with your goals and approach to investment.

  • You can choose how to invest with Vitrade yourself, because we have prepared perfectly designed and verified portfolios for you.

  • You get full control over your investments and also access to our wealth planning experts who will help you navigate the complex world of big money.

  • 1.5% Daily

Minimum deposit:


Minimal working period:

15 Days
  • 1.8% Daily

Minimum deposit:


Minimal working period:

15 Days
  • 2.4% Daily

Minimum deposit:


Minimal working period:

30 Days
High Efficiency
  • 2.8% Daily

Minimum deposit:


Minimal working period:

60 Days

Income calculator

Choose a plan:

Enter the amount:

  • 10$
  • 5,000 $

Enter the number of days:

  • 1 Day
  • 90 Days

Income in percentage:


Total income:


Income with a bonus:


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