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Have you registered a company for your business?

Yes we do! All the information can be found here

Do you have any pitch deck?

Yes! you can find it here

Do you have any tutorial

Yes you can find it here

What is a trading room

In our Trading room you can see the transactions of our High Frequency trading terminal in real time.

What is the daily revenue?

Our system offers you up to 3% daily, with taking the principal at the end

Is the deposit amount converted to dollars or USDT?

No! When creating a deposit and upon its completion, there is no conversion. Which means, if your deposit is in BTC, then all the incomes will come in BTC, so when you withdraw, you will receive BTC. The same applies to the rest of the cryptocurrencies on our website. The dollar indicator on the website is just for convenient understanding of your overall balance

When can I withdraw my contribution?

The minimum deposit period for your principal amount is from 15 days, exactly after this time you can pick it up. The daily income can be withdrawn at any time.

If I decide not to withdraw the deposit after the minimum deposit period, what then?

For additional days of the deposit over the minimum term, additional interest on the total amount of the deposit is provided. For example: for 45 days of the deposit with the amount of $1000 in crypto, you will receive an additional 12% to your principal amount

If I invest $1000, how much will I earn in 50 days?

We have specially created a profitability calculator for you so that you can easily calculate your profit for any term of the deposit.

How does the bonus calculation work?

For example, you've got a deposit of $1000 on the 2,4% daily plan. If you do not withdraw principal for 45 days - you'll get $1080 as income + your principal $1000 + 12% to your principal as a bonus, which is $120. In the end after 45 days you'll get on your hands $2200

When can I withdraw my funds?

You can withdraw your funds at any time.

Is there a withdrawal fee?

There is no fee for withdrawal. The only fee taken is by the payment system, it's a fixed amount, no difference, whether you withdraw $1 or $1000:
BTC: 0.00006BTC
LTC: 0.001LTC
ETH: 0.00009ETH

What is the minimum that i can withdraw?

it's about $1 equivalent in crypto.

Why does my Dollar balance change in value up or down?

Because of the cryptocurrency’s volatility, your balance will keep changing, either increase or decrease in value, wherein all transactions are made strictly according to your cryptocurrency

My friend also wants to participate! May I invite him?

Of course! If a friend takes part, you will receive up to 7% of his contribution, and form 2% till 1% for his friends: To be clear, it's 7% from your 1st line, 2% from your second line and 1% from your third line. To be able to receive the rewards, you must have a minimum deposit of $10 equivalent in cryptocurrency.

Where can I find promotional materials like banners , presentation etc

In the tabe named PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS in your dashboard

What security measures are taken against those whow want to steal funds from my account?

To perform any important operations in your account, you need to confirm them with a one-time code from your mail. Also,we strongly recommend creating an account in Vitrade with a unique password

Why can’t you use the exchange wallet or exchange service to participate?

The fact is that existing wallets on the exchange do not belong entirely to you. At any time, the exchange may stop supporting the wallet. It is better to use a personal wallet and not depend on third parties.

If someone messages me on behalf of the VITRADE team with a request to transfer personal data or transfer money/crypto

Beware of scammers
NO ONE FROM THE ADMINISTRATORS OF VITRADE (including moderators, assistants) WILL EVER message you first.
If a scammer tries to contact you, do not reply to him , report him for spam and inform us.
All deposits and withdrawals are made only in your personal account on the website https://vitrade.me
If someone writes to you first, calling himself a member of the vitrade team - this is a scam
If someone asks you for crypto or fiat money in a personal message, promising bonuses, a quick withdrawal, or something else - this is a scam
If someone asks for your personal information - he is a scammer

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